540 to 580 conversion for 300S

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540 to 580 conversion for 300S

Post by Ace » 29 Sep 2016 11:06

What all has to change to swap a 540 to a 580 in a 300S? Does it fit in the original cowling? Different motor mounts?

Has anyone done this on a 337 and kept the 300S certified?

I have an L1B5D with the dreaded death mag. If converting it to the dual mags is going to cost me an arm and leg I might just swap it for a 580.

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Re: 540 to 580 conversion for 300S

Post by Maxu » 29 Sep 2016 13:41

Our 300S has been converted to the 580 and we have the original cowling. As far as I can tell the engine mount is the same, but I don´t know any details as the conversion was done long ago by the previous owner.
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